Meet The IMSKA Team Japan 

国際摩文仁派糸東流空手協会/IMSKA Japan

Dr.Ravee Raghavan

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President and Chief-Instructor of IMSKA

Shitoryu & WKF 8thDan

Kenji Isokawa

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IMSKA 7thDan

JKF-official Examiner,Level3

JKF-official coach4

JKF-official National referee

Yoshimi Isokawa


& Professional Physical Trainer

JKF 2ndDan

Judo 1stDan

Ryuma Isokawa


of IMSKA Japan

IMSKA 3rdDan

JKF 3rdDan

Kokushikan University

Karatedo Club

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                Issa Yoshino             

           Taku Ishibuchi            

               Shunsuke Nabe              

IMSK Japan

Headed by Sensei Kenji Isokawa.

At IMSKA we believe in the fraternity of karatekas, irrespective of the style they belong to. As such, even though we are Shitoryu “thoroughbreds”, we welcome students from all styles and organizations. We encourage our members to have an open mind and be willing to explore modern techniques and training methods. Our goal is to build a “family” of organizations and clubs which are progressive and future oriented rather than being stuck in the past. IMSKA has an extensive network of international links with dojos, friends and colleagues in the US, Latin America, Europe & Asia. IMSKA’s recently completed world headquarters in Cidra/Puerto Rico